Hungarian cereals escape EU duties

14 June 2002

Hungarian cereals escape EU duties

BRUSSELS is planning to allow an extra 120,000t of Hungarian wheat and 450,000t of maize into the EU free of all duty from July 1 as it continues to pave the way for full accession for Hungary in 2004.

The proposal, adopted by the commission this week and likely to be approved later this month, also includes complete market liberalisation for sheepmeat, cut flowers, malt and molasses.

In return, the EU benefits from duty-free concessions for increased quantities of fruit, vegetables, beef and poultry.

"Facilitating mutual farm trade is part of our strategy to prepare both sides for EU accession and the single market," said EU farm commissioner Franz Fischler. The total deal covers around k700m (£450m) of business. &#42

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