Hybrid OSRis catching up…

15 August 1997

Hybrid OSRis catching up…

HYBRID oilseed rapes are recovering their potential yield edge over conventional varieties as harvest moves north and west.

Latest Varplan figures from NIAB, including the results from 11 trial sites, put yield ratings of composite hybrid Synergy and fully restored Pronto and Artus on 107, 109 and 103 respectively. That compares with the best of the recommended conventionals, Contact, on 103 and Apex, Bristol, Capitol and Meteor on 102.

The results to date give Synergy a four-year mean across 106 trials of 109 against the best of the conventionals, Meteor, on 103 with Apex on 98.

Synergy supplier CPB Twyford says farm results this harvest show the variety is outyielding all other rapes by 10%.

NIABs Simon Kightley comments: "as harvest has moved northwards and westwards out of the drought and frost affected south-east of the country, the performance of hybrids, which has been disappointing early on, is showing more promise."

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