I was target of burglars Martin

13 April 2000

I was target of burglars — Martin

By FWi staff

A FARMER who shot two burglars last August told an acquaintance he was being “targeted” by criminals, a jury was told yesterday (12 April).

Norwich Crown Court heard that farmer Tony Martin, 55, of Emneth in Norfolk, believed that someone was “after him”.

Pig-farmer Peter Huggins told the Court he had bumped into Mr Martin in a nearby town a few days before the bungled robbery, and had discussed the crime situation.

“He had had previous break-ins and he got the feeling that somebody was targeting him.

“I think he said what anybody would say: If I catch them in my place I will blow their heads off.

“I have said the same sort of thing myself,” said Mr Huggins.

Anthony Bone, director of the Farmwatch project, told the court of extreme worry among the farming community as a whole of what was going on in the area, and the inability of the law to deal with it.

Pathologist Michael Heath told the court that shot teenager, Fred Barrass shotgun injuries were so severe he could not have been resuscitated.

The case continues.

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