4 September 1998


uSUGAR beet crops are on target to match the five-year average, but are behind last years record crop, figures from the British Sugar trial dig on Aug 24 show. Average root weight was 526g, containing 16.8% sugar, providing 88g of sugar a root. Last years figures were 647g, 15.4% and 100g a root, respectively.

uRESULTS from the British Survey of Fertiliser Practice confirm the responsible approach farmers take in the use of fertilisers, says the Fertiliser Manufacturers Association. Nitrogen rates have remained constant while yields continue to rise and farmers attribute a realistic nitrogen value to organic manures applied to arable crops, averaging 34kg/ha of nitrogen. For phosphate and potash, the review shows that compared with 25 years ago, fewer arable soils have extreme deficiency or surplus of either nutrient.

uBEET rust and powdery mildew are developing rapidly in sugar beet, warns IACR Brooms Barn. All varieties are susceptible to rapid spread of the diseases, which have been reported as far north as York. If rust is present treat with 0.2 litres/ha of Alto 240 (cyproconazole) or 0.3 litres/ha of Tilt (propiconazole) and 5kg/ha of Thiovit (sulphur), says ADAS. If no powdery mildew is present use Alto at 0.25 litres/ha. &#42

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