Inverness group scoops organic meat deal

By FWi staff

AN Inverness-based livestock marketing group has secured a new market for Scottish farmers to supply organic lamb and beef to an unnamed major retailer.

H and I Livestock Ltd, part of the ANM Group Ltd, said that only lambs and cattle from organic farms meeting strict Soil Association standards would qualify.

Bill Souter, H and I general manager, said it was an exciting new outlet for producers in the highlands.

It would also offer farmers and crofters a real opportunity of locking into a premium market for organically-produced sheep and cattle, he said.

“We have already started supplying this are market and the results are very encouraging.”

Mr Souter acknowledged that many farms in the highlands and Islands operated to organic standards and could easily meet the conditions laid down by the Soil Association.

“We have all the natural advantages for organic production in the Highlands and Islands, and it is a route livestock producers should be seriously considering,” said Mr Souter.

H and I Livestock are also looking for increased supplies of Aberdeen-Angus cross prime cattle for the same market.

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