Software providers for agricultural businesses. Good coverage of products available and an excellent events calendar – covering general events, as well as key scheme dates e.g. AAPS payment date. Secure online area for Farmade customers – registration required.
Providers of financial management software, hardware and training. A good overview of software offered, including screenshots, plus tips on networking PC‘s and virus protection. Farmplan customers can download various files e.g. printer/ scanner drivers, virus patches. Watch out for latest news and special offers.
Provider of farm management software. Site covers programmes available (including screenshots), with downloadable demo‘s. Browse or make comment in the discussion forum.
Farm and arable field recording systems. Download demo‘s, plus useful ‘How to…‘ papers giving hints, guidelines and screenshots.
Accounting and property management packages. Good coverage of products and services offered, including annotated screenshots.
Site was initially slow to open, but does provide detailed info on products available – Crop walker, Pocket Crop walker and Pro check – an interactive pesticide database. No demo‘s online, but good Q&A section and case studies of where the products were useful.
Satellite positioning systems. Download leaflets on the different systems and user manuals. Plenty of good information and an animated diagram of how GPS systems work.
Software providers for farm digital mapping, crop recording, agronomy and GIS systems. Usual info on products available and prices. Download product brochures.
Everything you ever wanted to know about moisture measurement. Buy products online.
“Professional windows programs for the practical farmer.” Overview of field management, palmtop and farm accounting programs amongst others, including prices. Submit an enquiry form for more info.

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