Kick out that old milking bucket

15 June 2001

Kick out that old milking bucket

FRESHLY calved cows should be milked with top-quality equipment, not using old buckets and clusters rescued from the scrap skip, says Jenisys, UK distributor for SA Christensens Danish milking equipment.

The company offers a complete milking bucket assembly, with pulsator, pipes and cluster.

The Danish-built unit is fitted with a stainless-steel lid and handle, and the 30-litre bucket is made of clear plastic to help avoid over-milking. Its twin-pulse Unipuls pulsator can be adjusted to match the settings normally used in the farms parlour and the Uniflow 3 cluster is said to have a high capacity with a stainless-steel base and lightweight shells.

The complete package of bucket, pulsator and cluster is available for £275, including mainland UK delivery (phone and fax: 01608-662919).

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