Krone wagons constant feed

12 July 2002

Krone wagons constant feed

ENTER Krones Titan self-loading forage wagon range.

Smaller versions of the companys existing XXL and 4XL models, the new Titan 6/40 and 6/48 have load capacities of 40cu m and 48cu m.

The Titan is equipped with a 1.7m wide galvanised pick-up with five rows of tines and a central height adjustment facility.

Requiring 80hp at the pto, the wagons employ a feed and cutting system with a rotary drum and six offset conveyor rakes.

These are designed to provide a constant feed of crop to the 35-knife chopping unit, while a selector system allows a different number of knives to be engaged to vary chop length.

To prevent unwanted ingestion of foreign material there is a stone-release system fitted as standard, says Krone.

Inside the wagon the crop is conveyed by a hydraulically driven floor which is tightened by an automatic tensioner device.

Folding to a height of 2.4m for storage, the Titan wagon costs a shade under £20,000. &#42

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