Long lasting spud spray

27 July 2001

Long lasting spud spray

MAKE potato blight sprays last longer with Bond, says adjuvant specialist Loveland Industries.

"Researchers have found that the adjuvant holds spray droplets together, reducing drift, bounce and also run-off," says technical director David Foster. "That increases deposition on the leaf and improves retention by creating a physical barrier to wash-off."

That is especially important in catchy weather with contact acting protectant fungicides, he adds.

Cambs-based agronomist Martyn Cox echoes Mr Fosters comments. Rain reduces spray opportunities, removes previously applied fungicides, and provides ideal conditions for spore germination and disease progress, he says.

Stickers such as Bond can make the difference between having to go straight back into the field and having the confidence to wait until the next dose is due, he says.

"Its biggest benefit is with mancozeb, Shirlan, and tin."

Across 34 trials Bond has raised yields by 2.7t/ha (1.1t/acre) on average over fungicide only treated plots, adds Mr Foster. &#42

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