Lots to enjoy for zero grazing enthusiasts

28 September 2001

Lots to enjoy for zero grazing enthusiasts

LATEST contender to the rekindled trend towards zero grazing is K&K Whistance which now imports a range of Italian-built self-propelled and trailed grass harvesting machines.

The AB range of self-loading forage wagons come in 11-32cu m capacities and have the option of a 2.4m mower deck for cutting grass directly, or pick-up for collecting mown crop.

Requiring 70hp at the pto, the self-loading wagons have their own on-board hydraulic system.

Drive for the two-drum cutter bar or pick-up is taken directly from the pto, while the on-board hydraulics power the conveying system.

An angled elevator is designed to convey crop to a chopping unit which can cut grass to 10cm.

Crop is deposited in a mound at the front of the bunker which is then moved to the back of the machine by a three-speed floor conveyor.

For true zero grazing enthusiasts, K&K Whistance intends to distribute a range of self-propelled machines in 17-25cu m capacity.

Dubbed the self-propelled AB range, the machines are equipped with 120hp engines which transmit drive to a hydrostatic transmission and disc cutter bar.

Prices for the trailed and self-propelled machines start at £7500 and £20,000 respectively.

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