Low-style tractor range

20 March 1998

Low-style tractor range

LOW height versions of Massey Fergusons 4200 Series tractors are now available. Intended to cater for those who need to work in buildings where height is restricted, the 52hp to 95hp LoProfile models are equipped with a flat roof which reduces overall height by 10cm (4in).

In terms of actual height, the MF4215, 4220, 4225 and 4235 models now boast a diminutive 2.37m (7ft 8in) from ground to ceiling and the 4245 and 4255, a 2.42m (7ft 11in).

Although smaller than standard, the special cab adds another £150 on to the list price.

MF4200 series tractors can now be supplied with a low level cab which reduces overall height by 10cm (4in).

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