MAFF marks 13th swine fever case

19 September 2000

MAFF marks 13th swine fever case

By FWi staff

THE Ministry of Agriculture has confirmed a 13th case of swine fever, this time within a herd of breeding sows on a farm at Denton, Norfolk.

More than 38,000 pigs have now been slaughtered under control measures imposed since the outbreak began in East Anglia on 08 August.

Experts believe the latest outbreak Denton is a potential source of “lateral” transmission and not linked to the initial outbreak of swine fever cases.

A new movement restriction area, affecting all pigs on farms covering a 10km radius around the town of Pulham Market, has been announced.

The Intervention Board has also authorised the slaughter of 14,000 healthy animals under the government scheme to alleviate overcrowding on pig units.

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