Manufacturers join forces to offer ultra low spray rates

24 July 2002

Manufacturers join forces to offer ultra low spray rates

By Andy Moore

DANFOIL and Bateman have joined forces to develop a self-propelled sprayer capable of covering 100ha (247 acres) on a 3000 litre tank fill.

The EuroSP sprayer is based on Batemans RB25 chassis powered by a 170hp John Deere engine. Spraying equipment comprises Danfoils Eurofoil system which, through atomisation, allows nozzles to deliver a fine spray at rates as low as 30-50 litres/ha.

Danfoil says the nozzles are suitable for all spraying applications and can reduce volumes by up to 40% when used with the Eurofoil system.

Further benefits of the system are claimed to be reduced drift and better spray penetration.

The sprayer can also be equipped with Danfoils Multidose chemical injection system, which uses clean water from the main tank to apply up to six pesticides individually to different areas of the field.

Pesticides can be selected on the move from the EuroSPs in-cab computer.

And, because the system uses clean water, there is no need for the sprayer to return to base for the cleaning of the tank and spray lines.

This, says Danfoil, also eliminates sediment being retained in major components and, as such, reduces the risk of corrosion. Price for the EuroSP is £85,000. &#42

The Danfoil/Bateman EuroSP employs a Eurofoil spray atomiser system to apply volumes as low as 30 litres/ha.

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