McCormick goes its own way with new MTX range

7 September 2001

McCormick goes its own way with new MTX range

DENIED in previous months a suitable shop window to announce its new MTX tractor series, McCormick emp-loyed the Tillage event for the task.

The six-cylinder, turbocharged Perkins powered MTX range comprises five models from 118hp to 176hp. While providing the company with a much needed higher horsepower tractor range, also marks the parting of the ways from the replication of the Case Maxxum tractor.

Under an agreement with Case parent CNH, McCormick is required to differentiate its Maxx-um version from the Case build. Use of the Perkins engine and an element of restyling have been the result.

The company is keen to point out that along with the change of engine, which has reduced cab noise and vibration levels, it has also improved hydraulics, braking and transmissions.

The transmission comprises a four-speed powershift unit to provide 16 forward and 12 reverse gears as standard and, with an optional creep box, 32 forward and 24 reverse gears. A power shuttle is included as standard and a button shift, clutchless range change shift system will be an option next year.

In the hydraulic linkage department, lift for the 118-147hp models is rated at 6602kg, while the two larger tractors have capacities of up to 8327kg. Shock load cushioning is standard.

At the front end, options exist to have front axle suspension – an option expected to be taken by about a quarter of purchasers, says McCormick – and, in the near future, multi-disc brakes.

McCormick has also extended its smaller powered MC tractor range with the 115hp MC115. Features include a longer wheel base and a near 50/50 unladen weight distribution between front and rear axles.

The MC range is also powered by Perkins blocks – the new 115hp version is to said to have 13% more power and 19% more torque than the previous range leader – the 102hp MC100. &#42

McCormick tractor specifications

MC range MTX series

Model MC80 MC90 MC100 MC115 MTX110 MTX125 MTX140 MTX155 MTX175

Engine All have 4-litre, 4cyl Perkins All have turbocharged 6-litre 6-cylinder Perkins engines engines

Hp 84 90 102 115 118 132 147 163 176

Transmission All 16 x12 speeds as standard All 16 x 12 speeds as standard

Rear lift kg 5871 5871 5871 5871 5900 6000 6160 7310 7510

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