Mixed bag on quality and yieldMixed bag on quality and yield

31 August 2001

Mixed bag on quality and yieldMixed bag on quality and yield

“THERE is a mixed bag for wheat on yield and quality, and similarly for spring barley,” says Barry Howard of Framlingham Farmers who covers Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex. He says 80% of wheat and 70% of spring barley is now in store.

With most of the quality wheat combined a fuller picture has developed. “Malacca Hagberg has held high at about 220, although we have still seen recent ones as high as 260.”

Protein has been as high as 14% but generally about 12.5-13%. Specific weight is more worrying at 74Kg/hl in many samples.

Charger is starting to perform badly now. Hagbergs have decreased to 150. Soft wheat Hagberg has also fallen to 170-180. “This will struggle to get on a boat, but should be useable later on.”

Yields on wheat have varied, depending on soil type, drilling date and conditions. “I would estimate yields are down by 12% this year.”

Spring barley is experiencing higher nitrogen as harvest moves on, varying from 1.85-2.2%.

Samples have had to be rejected with some skinning and pre-germination problems and the samples coming in look weathered and may get worse after this weather.”

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