MJFs Spiderhandles veg seed with care

7 September 2001

MJFs Spiderhandles veg seed with care

HIGH value vegetable seed demands careful handling and an accurate planting depth to suit exacting market specifications, says Surrey-based MJF.

To achieve these requirements, the company has developed a precision seeder which uses a "Seed Spider" metering system in which seed is separated from the hopper by a rotating sponge.

Mounted on a stainless steel frame in 1.25m, 1.55m and 1.85 widths, the seeder is equipped with 7-litre hoppers which each feed six outlets.

An electronic metering device is powered by a 12v motor, while an optional ground-speed radar can be specified to provide greater sowing accuracy.

To ensure a constant drilling depth and minimal trash build-up, the coulters have a semi-circular profile and a leading edge on both sides, while two consolidating rollers are positioned close together.

MJF claims the Seed Spider can sow most makes of seed including raw, coated and pelleted – row spacing can be adjusted down to 40mm.

Available with optional 50-litre seed hoppers, the Speed Spider seeder costs from £6000. &#42

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