MLC boost for British pork

12 January 1999

MLC boost for British pork

THE Meat and Livestock Commission has launched a £2.5 million marketing campaign urging shoppers to buy British pork.

The campaign will tell consumers to buy British on basis that home-reared pork is now a world leader in humanely rearing pigs.

Most British-produced pork will qualify for a label that signals high welfare standards, quality control and food safety.

In Scotland, the quality standard is being introduced through the Scottish Pig Industry Initiative and is being taken up by supermarkets and butchers.

Three variants of the distinct mark devised for pigs reared and slaughtered in Scotland would cover pork, bacon and ham.

Further brand-marks are in the pipeline for sausages, pies and other processed products.

Farmers have to meet more than 200 rules covering housing, care and feeding of pigs to qualify for the commendation.

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