Mobile lifts offer more scope for on-farm work

28 August 1998

Mobile lifts offer more scope for on-farm work

ON-FARM machinery maintenance could now extend into operations usually considered to be the domain of the better equipped dealer.

Hetra UK, of St Albans, Herts, has developed a range of heavy duty mobile lifts which can be used to raise and support most machinery employed on the farm.

Comprising individual lift posts, which can be positioned to match required lifting points, the units are electrically powered and employ a steel re-circulating ball and lead screw system. Each post has a lift capacity rated at 6.5t to a height of 1.62m (5ft 5in)

Features include carriage movement sensors to maintain an even lift, a fail proof system of lowering in the event of a power failure and adjustable lifting forks. &#42

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