Modulation – NFUNo is now official

16 July 1999

Modulation – NFUNo is now official

THE NFU has now officially rejected the modulation options offered in the Agenda 2000 CAP reform package.

At a meeting on Wednesday, the unions policy committee unanimously rejected the concept.

Agenda 2000 offered member states the opportunity to cut direct subsidy payments by up to 20% and use the money saved to fund additional measures under the rural development package.

Ben Gill, NFU president, said: "We are not against more money for rural development – quite the reverse. But we are opposed to paying for it in this way.

"With farm incomes in their current state, it is simply unthinkable to propose taking more money from farmers. What is more, given the way our own Treasury operates, there would have been a huge risk that there would have been a net loss to British farmers."

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