Monsanto wins ban on GenetiX Snowball

25 November 1999

Monsanto wins ban on GenetiX Snowball

By FWi staff

MONSANTO has won a permanent ban on the destruction of genetically modified crops by an environmental group opposed to biotechnology.

The Court of Appeal has awarded the life sciences giant a permanent injunction banning direct action group GenetiX Snowball from damaging test sites, reports Reuters news agency.

The injunction would stop the group “damaging and destroying Monsantos property, said a Monsanto spokesman.

`Were pleased at todays ruling, the spokesman said. Acts of deliberate vandalism achieve nothing and shouldnt be condoned.

“By pulling up GM crops protestors are depriving us all of the answers which companies like Monsanto are being asked to provide.

“Instead of taking the law into their own hands we urge all these groups to express their concerns in a dialogue.”

Monsanto had won a temporary injunction, but had to go back to the Court of Appeal for a permanent ban.

The company also fought GenetiX Snowballs contention that the rights and wrongs surrounding genetic modification should be discussed before the ban could be imposed.

Many of the GM trial sites in the UK have been targeted by anti-GM protesters.

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