More effective in France

17 August 2001

More effective in France

SOME products and varieties seem far more effective in northern France than in the UK, says Mr Boughton.

For example, a 1250g/ha dose of isoproturon is plenty, and 2500g/ha, the maximum permitted dose in the UK, would kill the wheat in the Pas-de-Calais.

"Chlormequat is another example. A 70% formulation is standard in the UK, but here it is 40% and the same rate as we use does a very good job. It must be something to do with the Continental climate in contrast to the UKs maritime climate."

Some varieties familiar to UK growers do well, such as Savannah, recommended for early drilling, and Charger, recommended for drilling from the start of October. But few seem to come the other way, notes Mr Boughton. "We tried popular feed wheat variety Tremie but it was hopeless in the UK." &#42

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