Most wheat bids rejected: HGCA

Tuesday, 20 March, 2001

  • THURSDAYSs MANCOM meeting saw all wheat bids rejected except 2500 tonnes at zero refund. A 3500t parcel to ACP countries was also accepted at a Euro4.50 maximum refund.

    Barley refunds were granted for 28,000 tonnes at zero refund. The committee also approved the opening of 0.25m tonnes of reduced levy maize imports for Portugal.

  • First 2001 estimates from COCERAL

    COCERAL put the 2001 EU wheat crop at 88.7m tonnes in its first forecast last week, down 6.7m tonnes on this season.

    Most of the drop is due to planted area falling nearly 1m ha to 13.4m ha. The 2001 barley crop was put at 52.3m tonnes, including a spring barley crop of 27.5m tonnes.

    This represents a 1.9m tonne increase in spring barley production, with planted area up 450,000 ha to 6.3m ha. See for full country data.

  • Euro1 = 63.13p or 90.2US¢ on 20 March

    Taken from HGCA weekly MI Bulletin
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