Motokov deal bears fruit with double debut

4 December 1998

Motokov deal bears fruit with double debut

By Andy Collings

SMITHFIELD provided the opportunity for a number of manufacturers to launch new tractor models. The Motokov stand saw tractors from Zetor and Landini make their debuts – thanks to a new marketing agreement between Motokov and Landini which makes Motokov the UK importer of Landini tractors.

For Zetor, there was the new three-model UR 111 Forterra range offering models with 80hp, 90hp and 105hp – the smaller two having turbocharged 4-cylinder engines and the largest a turbocharged and intercooled block.

Transmission comprises a two range four-speed box with each having three powershift ratios. The result is a 24×16 box – the number of reverse ratios limited by a block on the highest gear as Zetor reasons that few if any would want to reverse at 40kph. Actual shuttle control requires the clutch to be depressed.

In terms of styling, few would deny that the new Forterra tractors strike a distinctive "western" look. A new cab and bonnet combined with a new side-mounted diesel tank combine to create a workmanlike appearance.

Prices for the three models start at £23,800 for the 80hp and extend to £27,900 for the 105hp model.

Landini Globus

Landini introduced the Globus series tractors to the UK at Smithfield. Two models offering 56hp and 66hp come in two different specifications to create the Techno and the Top variants within each power band.

The tractors are all powered by 3-litre, 4-cylinder Perkins engines. It is in the transmission options that some of the key differences are to be found. The Techno has as standard a reverse shuttle plus a box supplying 12 x 12 speeds while the Top has a 15×15 box – three ranges with five ratios in each. A creeper box which adds another 10 speeds is an option for the Top models.

Pto options for the Top include one which offers 540, 750 and 1000 with a reverse while standard for the Techno is 540 and 1000 rpm.

Specifications include the use of four spool valves and a hydraulic linkage rated at 3400kg when assister rams are fitted.

Landini is keen to point out that the new models power to weight ratios should make them attractive options for those requiring tractors capable of significant workloads, yet managing to retain a light touch. &#42

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