Mowlam signals hard line on gene crops

17 December 1999

Mowlam signals hard line on gene crops

By FWi staff

A TOUGHER government line against genetically modified food is signalled in comments made by Cabinet Office minister Mo Mowlam, claims The Express.

In an interview with the newspaper today (Friday), Ms Mowlam, who co-ordinates government policy on the GM issue, outlines her priorities.

She says: “My priorities are the same as yours – the safety of my family and protecting the environment. These are also the priorities of the government.

“We are neither pro- nor anti-GM foods or crops. We are, to put it simply, pro-safety, pro-environment and pro-choice.”

The Express views this as a move away from “a strong pro-science stance previously taken by the government”.

Ms Mowlam says British GM regulations are among the toughest in the world.

She offers no commitment to even tougher regulations and calls for the public to keep an open mind on the issue until trials have been completed.

“Instead of people shouting from behind the barricades, I hope we can move forward to find a common ground, based on sensible foundations of science, inclusiveness and choice.”

Ms Mowlam says more than anything else people want clearer information on the issue.

  • The government today launches a GM website to address this. The address is

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