Muck where its wanted

19 January 2001

Muck where its wanted

SLINGING granular fertiliser into hedgerows and ditches is not considered good practice nor, it seems, is allowing a muck spreader to deposit its contents in such places.

Danish muck spreader maker RKM Spredeteknik has now developed a novel method of preventing "over the edge" pollution with manure. The firms rear discharge spreaders have twin horizontal discs attached to a common platform which can be tilted by a hydraulic ram downwards to the right. This has the effect of reducing the throw of manure in that direction but, says RKM, ensures that the area receives a full dose of manure.

Drive to the chain and flight fed discs is via the centre of the platform. RKM offers a range of spreaders with capacities from 12t to 24t. &#42

Keeping it in the field. RKMs novel solution to preventing the spread of manure into hedgerows and ditches is to tilt the spreaders discs.

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