Native breeds and halfbreds prove popular

By Jeremy Hunt

MANY pure and commercial cross-bred ewes might be in for a bumper autumn sale season.

With the movement of North of England Mule lambs severely restricted, buyers in the midlands and south are already seeking alternative sources of supply for their flock replacements.

An official “digital photo” sale of 4000 Welsh Halfbred ewes will be held at St Asaph, north Wales, on Sept 10, and there had been enquiries from new buyers even before the date was announced.

Prices are expected to be 60-70 for shearlings but supplies could be tight.

Debbie McGowan, a Perthshire-based Lleyn breeder says there has been a phenomenal demand for stock in Scotland.

Having sold around 5000 ewes, we still have about 8000 sheep on the private sales register with prices ranging from 75-100 for shearlings and ewe lambs at 50-80.

A lot of buyers want to switch to a closed sheep flock – that has become a major factor.

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