New OP work praised

27 June 1997

New OP work praised

FARM minister Jack Cunningham is to meet leaders of the OP Information Network and the recently expanded House of Commons OP working party as part of Labours review of organophosphates.

Dr Cunningham wrote to Elizabeth Sigmund, OPIN chairman, praising her important work and urging her to submit evidence to the Royal College of Physicians and Psychiatrists committee.

Set up by Dr Cunningham to provide advice to people suffering from exposure to OPs, the committee, charied by Prof John Newsom-Davis, has struggled to attract support and credibility.

Linda Cuthbertson, Royal College spokeswoman, said the committee had been asked to review any new chemical evidence and bring it to the attention of the governments medical and scientific panel and the advisory committee on pesticides.

"While we do have members that sit on other government committees which look at OPs, we are completely independent," she stressed.n

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