NFU votes for MLC levy rises

28 March 1997

NFU votes for MLC levy rises

NFU council has voted to accept an increase in Meat and Livestock Commission levy ceilings.

The only opposition to the proposal, which overturned an earlier recommendation from the livestock committee, came from Shropshire delegates.

NFU leader Sir David Naish stressed that the vote applied only to ceilings and not to levies themselves. Council accepted:

&#8226 A £4.00 general levy ceiling for cattle and a promotional levy ceiling of £3.30.

&#8226 An increase from 14p to £1 in the calf levy ceiling.

&#8226 A 50p increase on the general sheep levy ceiling to 89p.

Following concern from Shropshire that the proposed calf levy ceiling was "an enormous increase by any standards", Sir David said veal producers would be consulted over any levy increase proposal.

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