No store worth organic award

22 October 2001

‘No store worth organic award’

By Adrienne Francis

THE Soil Association has withheld its Organic Supermarket of the Year Award, claiming that British supermarkets dont buy enough local organic food.

Soil Association President Jonathan Dimbleby said supermarkets should overhaul their buying practices and source more organic food.

Mr Dimbleby, who is also a farmer and well-known broadcaster, said he wanted to see an improved relationship between retailers and producers.

His attack on supermarkets came after a poll by NOP Research showed that consumers saw no significant difference between the big retailers.

The results of the survey, commissioned by the Soil Association, led to the organisation withholding its Retailer of the Year Award for 2001.

Mr Dimbleby said: “I would like to see less price discrimination. Instead of forcing down the grid price, supermarkets should look internally.”

He continued: “We live in very difficult times, trapped by anxiety and the devastation that has afflicted British agriculture.

“On the upside, the advent of foot-and-mouth disease has stimulated a great need to re-examine the way we produce food.”

Mr Dimbleby added: “We must promote the common good locally, to create a sustainable society and organisation, locally, nationally and globally.”


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