Pig Brother is watching you

28 September 2000

Pig Brother is watching you

A PIG PRODUCER is installing webcams on his farm so visitors to his website can see how well his livestock is treated.

West Country farmer Andrew Freemantle asks visitors to his website pigbrother.uk.com for their views on the project.

Already the site has recorded footage of how pigs live at Friendly Farm near Exeter, which visitors can download.

Mr Freemantle says webcams would show that his pigs are bred and reared in conditions sensitive to their natural requirements such as rooting, foraging and wallowing.

Site visitors would be able to check that stock are being humanely treated at all times.

In a more controversial move, Mr Freemantle is considering allowing visitors to vote for which animals stay to breed and which go to the abattoir, reports The Daily Telegraph.

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