Politicians join protest against Farmers Ferry

24 August 1998

Politicians join protest against Farmers Ferry

By FWi staff

LOCAL politicians joined hundreds of protesters in a demonstration against the Farmers Ferry at Dover yesterday (Sunday).

About 300 animal welfare campaigners marched through the town to Dover town hall where they were addressed by Gwyn Prosser, Labour MP for Dover, and Mark Watts, Labour MEP for Kent East.

Both politicians pledged their long-term opposition to live animal exports and the Farmers Ferry initative which aims to boost the number of livestock shipped from Dover to mainland Europe.

The march and rally was organised by the animal welfare group, Compassion in World Farming (CIWF).

CIWF spokesman Philip Lymbery said attempts by Farmers Ferry to revive the trade in live exports went against the sentiments of UK taxpayers who paid farmers massive subsidies.

“If the Farmers Ferry is the agricultural lifeline for the future, then surely there is no future,” Mr Lymbery said. “The real lifeline is the £500m in taxpayers money given to sheep farmers under the Common Agricultural Policy.”

Buy-out talks are continuing between Farmers Ferry representatives and Brindie, the company that currently holds the charter on the Cap Afrique, a roll-on roll-off ferry with room for 10,000 sheep.

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