Probiotic to prevent scour in young calves

24 November 1998

‘Probiotic’ to prevent scour in young calves

A SMALL Northern Ireland company claims to have developed the worlds first medicinal “probiotic” to prevent scour, or diarrhoea, in young calves.

Provita Eurotechs Provita Protect claims to offer protection against pathogens such as e coli and salmonella. It has already been approved by UK and Irish authorities.

The product costs £3 per animal to administer. It can be only be obtained through a vet, although the company is trying to get approval to sell it though permitted merchants.

A version for lambs and piglets is being developed.

The development of the product is taking place when the authorities are becoming increasingly concerned by the use of antibiotics.

The European Commission banned several antibiotics used to promote weight gain last week.

But probiotics promote bacterial growth, whereas antibiotics attack germs.

  • Financial Times 24/11/98 page 18

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