Producers can cut power bills by 15%

29 September 2000

Producers can cut power bills by 15%

WHEN it comes to using electricity, dairy units are unlike other businesses. But this is good news and could result in savings of £600/year for a 120-cow herd, according to npower marketing executive Maurice Bottomley.

"Unlike other businesses, dairy units use electricity as much in the summer as winter and as much at weekends as during the week.

"Because electricity is cheaper to buy at weekends than during the week, we are able to purchase it forward at reasonable rates which can be passed on to dairy farmers."

A 120-cow herd will typically have an electric bill of £4000/year and could save about £600 a year by switching to his companys dairy farm tariff, according to Mr Bottomley.

"We estimate that farmers will be able to save 15% on their current electric bill. This will require no change in the farms electricity infrastructure." &#42

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