Protection against post-lambing woes

21 December 2001

Protection against post-lambing woes

TROUBLE with stiff lamb disease and post-dipping lameness in sheep? Intervet has launched Eryvac, which replaces Erysorb ST, the only vaccine licensed for use against erysipelas bacterium in sheep.

The bacterium enters sheep and lambs through wounds and abrasions – either at castration or docking in lambs, or after dipping in older stock. Young lambs can also become infected through the navel at birth.

"With lambing close, producers should be thinking of protecting their flocks against diseases which can manifest themselves later in the season," claims Intervets Alasdair King.

A course of Eryvac consisting of two doses, costing about 35p/dose, should be completed three weeks prior to lambing, he adds (01908-665050, fax 01908-685606).

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