Protesters in double strike

12 July 2002

Protesters in double strike

ENVIRONMENTAL protesters have attacked genetically modified crops at sites in North Yorks and Aberdeenshire.

The attack on Headley Hall Farm, Tadcaster, took place in the early hours of Monday (July 8), and targeted GM maize.

The protesters who carried out the attack issued a statement afterwards: "Genetic engineering is an aggressive exploitation of nature offering no benefits but many risks.

"We carried out this action in defence of human freedom and the environment. We assert our natural right to protect our food and the land we share."

Protesters also struck in Scotland at the site of a GM trial near Daviot, where two separate fields of crops were flattened at a farm off the A920 Oldmeldrum-Colpy road.

Police said the cost of the damage to the crops had yet to be quantified. They added that the farmer involved in the trial said he did not want details of the farm to be released. &#42

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