24 July 2002


Model Ares 636.

Score lllmm

Mouse clicks to spec sheet 4.

Time to spec sheet 1min 33sec.

Local dealer listing Yes.

Clicks to find local dealer 5.

Option info No.

Warranty info No.

Novel feature Surreal cab suspension simulation.

Power Farming view Interesting design with lots of animations. But various links dodgy: Ares 600 leads to Ares 800, home link doesnt transfer direct to opening page, pan-round view of cab, etc works on a PC but not on a Mac. Useful info is in there and would be easy to find if everything functioned smoothly. An engaging, quirky site in need of some sorting.

Zap! Renault takes its own line on first page design.

Interactivity pops and zooms all through site, though not all of it works.

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