Rural chief speaks up for ramblers

10 March 1999

Rural chief speaks up for ramblers

EWAN CAMERON, the man who is to head the governments new Countryside Agency, is denying a suggestion that he is against giving more rights to ramblers.

Mr Cameron was responding to the criticism of walkers, who say he is more interested in protecting farmers interests.

The former president of the Country Landowners Association said he had ramblers interests at heart and denied any conflict of interest in holding the post.

The new Countryside Agency will have to map out huge tracts of mountain, moor, heath and common land that will be opened up to ramblers under right to roam laws.

Walkers fear this process may take years, and that landowners could retain the option of blocking access by fighting for their rights in local access forums.

Mr Cameron said the announcement on Monday of right to-roam legislation was a “sensible way forward”.

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