Same power, more torque from new Perkins diesels

28 February 1997

Same power, more torque from new Perkins diesels

By Peter Hill

A "SECOND generation" version of one of the most widely used agricultural diesel engines will soonbe powering tractors, combines, materials handling equipment, generators and irrigation pumps.

At 69-180hp, power outputs from the latest Varity Perkins 1000-series engines are no different from the current ones. But the four- and six-cylinder engines offer more torque, more favourable torque delivery characteristics, lower lifetime costs and reduced noise.

In designing the 1-litre a cylinder engines, reducing emissions to meet new regulations worldwide was among the key targets.

Cold-start performance

"But we improved a lot more things besides, including the torque potential of the engines, cold-start performance, and overall reliability and durability," says Geoff Dunmore, sales and marketing director.

Main physical change to the engines, which offer equipment manufacturers a choice of stressed or unstressed blocks, natural, turbo or intercooled aspiration, and a host of performance and build specifications, is a new cylinder head.

This features separate instead of Siamesed ports with slightly larger valves, improved inlet swirl and gas-flow characteristics, and a more vertical and central position for the fuel injectors.

A new piston bowl design – dubbed Fastram – displaces the four-lobe Quadram design with a single indentation which, in combination with the helical inlet porting, is said to produce more efficient combustion. An oil spray cools pistons on turbo models, and all engines have a larger volume impeller pump for improved cooling.

&#8226 JCB Landpower is among the first agricultural customers, using the new Perkins engine in its 125hp and 135hp Fastrac models. Massey Ferguson is taking the engine for tractors built in France destined for North America, while Case will use the new 1000-series in a forthcoming range of sub-100hp tractors as part of a supply deal worth £58m to Varity Perkins.

Spec changes to the Perkins 1000 engines have improved torque output, cut noise levels and reduced emissions.

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