Scaled-down wrapping

21 March 1997

Scaled-down wrapping

A SCALED-down wrapping machine designed for bales from a conventional round baler, and from the recently introduced mini-sized round balers, has been added to the Danagri range.

Called the Mini Wrap 4040, it is based on the design of an ordinary bale wrapper but with the mechanism reduced to small bale size.

It wraps conventional bales with a cross-section ranging from 35cm x 45cm to 50cm square (14in x 18in to 20in) and the table can handle a maximum bale length of 115cm (45in). The Mini Wrap can be used as a stationary wrapper or mounted on a three-point linkage with the mechanism hydraulically powered. A 15-20 litres/min oil flow at 180 bar pressure is required.

Standard specification includes a bale monitor and counter plus a pre-stretcher for 500mm wrapping film and a 250mm version is available as an option. A hydraulic cut and hold system is also on the options list for the machine which carries a list price of £4800. &#42

Mini-wrap 404 bale wrapper from Danagri for conventional bales.

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