Scotlands absentee landlords to get the push

06 January 1999

Scotland’s absentee landlords to get the push

ABSENTEE and neglectful landlords in Scotland will face eviction from their own estates if the Labour Party wins power in the new Scottish Parliament.

The Government has pledged to enact powers to allow landlords to be removed from their properties, although the power is expected to be rarely used.

Another change proposed for the Scottish Highlands is that National Lottery money will be used to help Scottish communities buy estates from their lairds.

Crofters will be given first refusal on any farm that comes on the market.

The Scottish Landowners Federation attacked the proposals and said they would be fought in the European Court.

Government officials are to put a price on any large estate that comes on the market.

If a community raises enough it will be given the right to buy, even if a rival bidder offers twice as much.

The proposals, which include a register of land ownership, will not become law until passed by the Scottish parliament which convenes in July.

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