Scots over-plant

3 September 1999

Scots over-plant

ARABLE farmers in Scotlands non-LFA area have over-planted by 7.1% this year, according to the Scottish Office.

That is 0.5% less than last year, but will still mean a penalty of about £16/ha (£6.50/acre).

Scottish farm minister, Ross Finnie, is seeking EU approval to have a single base area for Scotland, which would mean an extra £1.5m worth of arable aid because of a consistent shortfall in LFA plantings.

The estimated payment for non-LFA cereals this year is £217.25/ha with set aside at £275.19/ha. The LFA rate will be £213.82/ha. The agri-monetary compensation element for cereals is about £30/ha. It is all paid by Brussels, but from next year, has to be 50% funded by the British government and will be phased out over the next two years. &#42

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