Scots tenants rights

21 June 2002

Scots tenants rights

NEW legislation in Scotland must be used as a way of eliminating the climate of subservience, coercion and intimidation that too often exists for tenant farmers, according to NFU Scotland.

Angus McCall, chairman of the unions tenants working group, said the Agricultural Holdings Bill, currently out for consultation, must be seen as offering much more than simply the right of some tenant farmers to buy their land.

"Whatever the pros and cons of the right-to-buy proposals, the Bill will create new Limited Duration Tenancies which will provide the model for land tenure in the future," said Mr McCall.

He added: "It is clear that the success of the landlord/tenant system depends on the attitude of the landlord."

An interested landowner, who invests in the land and fulfils his obligations, has satisfied tenants.

lOur special focus on Scotland has more on the issues facing farmers north of the border. See p73 and next weeks issue for a full report on the Royal Highland Show. &#42

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