Stem-based puzzle solved?

21 June 2002

Stem-based puzzle solved?

BAYERS UK756 DMI-fungicide, otherwise known as JAU, could make a big difference to T1 spray decisions.

"It could be the answer to stem-base disease we have been waiting for. By all accounts it is good on the foliar diseases – septoria, rust, mildew – but what is very exciting is its eyespot control," says Mr Norman.

Eyespot control is currently the toughest T1 decision. Adding Unix (cyprodinil) to the mix costs an extra £20/ha. "That is an awful lot just to control two diseases, eyespot and mildew."

Subject to PSD approval, JAU should be available next spring. Hopefully, Bayer will have learned from the over-pricing of recent fungicide releases by other manufacturers, says Mr Norman.

JAU should also be available in UK958, a formulation with Bayers new strobilurin HEC. &#42

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