Stone protection offer

23 October 1998

Stone protection offer

LATEST Niemeyer power harrows from Vogel & Noot are offered with a new stone protection system, designed to minimise stoppages, and reduce repair and maintenance costs for machines working in very stony conditions.

There are four models in the KR series with working widths of 2.5m, 3m, 4m and 4.5m (8/9.10/13/14.10ft) and different model builds give a choice of 540 or 1000rpm input speeds.

In addition to the round tine carriers discouraging stones becoming caught between the rotors, Stein versions incorporate an extra drive line protection in the form of a spring loaded drive coupling on alternate rotors.

"When a large stone threatens to become jammed between two rotors, drive to one is interrupted momentarily, allowing the stone to flicked out of the way by the tines on the adjoining rotor. The drive then resumes," explains the companys Alastair Paterson.

Soil working is by a front levelling bar and 34cm (13.5in) long, knife shaped, tines and operating depth is set on the rear roller by a pin-and-hole arrangement.

Prices start at £6995; £8125 with Stein stone protection.

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