Submersible pumps will bale you out

19 December 1997

Submersible pumps will bale you out

HIPPO 3 is the name given to a range of submersible water pumps introduced by Clarke International.

Suitable for pumping out flooded trenches, cellars and pits, for example, the Hippo 3 range includes models with float switches, powered by 240V or 110V. Clarke claims the pumps can remove water to within 5mm of the floor. Maximum flow rate is 100 litres/min with a maximum head of 6m (20ft).

Prices, which include 10m (32ft) of cable, 12.5mm, 19mm and 25mm (0.5in, 0.75in and 1in) hose adaptors and an anti-silt base, start at £54.95 (01992-565300).

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