Sucker/blower puts it right on target…

5 December 1997

Sucker/blower puts it right on target…

SUCKER/BLOWERS for moving grain have been around for a number of years – some have been better than others. But now one UK company is offering a Canadian-built sucker/auger combination claimed to be capable of moving 75t an hour – with only a 70hp pto requirement.

The Rem 1026A Grain Vac, now on Leominster-based Amtexs portfolio, employs a flexible sucking pipe at one end and a high capacity auger at the other. It is the piece in the middle where the transition takes place.

A vacuum is created at the suction end by a paddle-type fan. Grain and air is drawn in to a circular chamber in which a rotating perforated drum is installed. This is the point where the grain and air are separated – grain falling to the bottom to enter the auger and air along with a fair degree of dust and chaff exits out of a pipe at the top.

Maximum output is achieved only when a short length of hose is attached – about 7m (20ft) – but it is possible to draw grain from a store placed up to 33m (100ft) away.

For transport the auger folds down into sections and is stored across the top of the machine. Price of the Rem 1026A starts at £8986.n

Sucking and auguring 75t an hour is possible with the Rem 1026A machine now available from Amtex.

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