Sugar content is higher as weather keeps crops green

19 October 2001

Sugar content is higher as weather keeps crops green

MAIZE crops in the north are remaining green when kernels are fully mature due to warm weather, allowing producers to benefit from a higher sugar content of the crops leaves, writes Grainseeds Neil Groom.

This weeks dry matter results show an increase, averaging nearly 3.5%, as the cob matures further and accounts for a greater proportion of the plant. Remaining farms are planning to cut their crops, weather permitting, next week.

When crops become over mature, reducing chop length and adding a silage additive may aid consolidation and reduce clamp losses due to aerobic spoilage.

First indications from silage analyses on crops in the south show high starch content. A high nutritive value and good crop yields mean many producers are happy with their maize this year. Some herds are reporting a lift in milk yield as last years maize is replaced with this years crop. &#42

Site Height DM% DM%

above sea rise

level (m)

Petworth, Sussex 50 H –

Harleston, Norfolk 30 H –

Crediton, Devon 118 H –

Ticknall, Derbys 67 H –

Gelli Aur, Dyfed* 23 28.6 +4.1

Leyburn, N Yorks* 107 29.7 +3.7

SAC, Dumfries* 45 24.1 +2.6

&#42 – Harvested

*Variety Nancis, all other sites Soldier.

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