Test tractor attracts the right attention

16 November 2001

Test tractor attracts the right attention

FENDTS Evo tractor, which has attracted a lot of attention from German farmers at both this and the 1999 Agritechnica show, is still two and a half years away from commercial production.

Based on an 818 Vario but looking quite different thanks to its Xylon cab and rear load platform, the Evo is essentially a testbed vehicle. Chief aim is to sort out the best way to achieve its road-legal 65kph (40mph) while still being capable of all main field duties.

"We dont want it to be a JCB Fastrac substitute," says marketing manager Nikolaus Stonawski-Hilburger. "It needs to have 100% field capability and to be good on the road."

The version drawing the crowds at Hanover had reverse drive, lorry-style dry disc brakes on the front axle and twin-circuit hydraulic steering.

Like the latest Fastrac, the Evo also has ABS brakes, as decreed by the latest EU safety directive. &#42

Fendts Evo is a tasty package, but wont be on sale for two and a half years, says the manufacturer.

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