Timber firm buys a monster muncher

30 August 2002

Timber firm buys a monster muncher

DOPPSTADTS monster wood shredder – the DZ750 Kombi launched earlier this year – has been bought by Manchester-based Boden Timber Products.

Built to shred up to 35t/hour, Boden invested in the 610hp machine to process mixed wood waste including demolition timber and pallets.

After expanding its wood recycling activities, the company needed a shredder capable of processing between 1200t to 1400t of wood waste every week.

At Bodens site in Astley, recycled wood waste is turned into 4000 bales of wood shavings and 1000 bags of sawdust a day using a fully automated plant.

Another product produced at the plant includes high quality wood chip required by the chipboard manufacturing industry.

"Our wood recycling operation has doubled in size over the past two years. This is why we went for the DZ750 for its high throughput and ability to process a range of wood wastes," says Bodens managing director Charlie Boden. "The machine has more than enough capacity to process the extra tonnage and will provide a better specification, higher value end product required for different markets."

One of the main benefits attracting Boden to invest in the machine was its two-in-one processing action. A slow speed single shaft shredding unit with overband magnet is designed to pre-crush bulky wood and remove heavy metal contamination. Material is then smashed to smithereens by 36 free-swinging hammers rotating at a formidable 900rpm.

Quick-change rear sizing gates with meshes from 30mm to 280mm are designed to produce a range of chip sizes. Boden uses a sizing gate with either an 80mm or 100mm mesh. &#42

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