Top link tuning in seat

3 January 1997

Top link tuning in seat

TOP link adjustment from the tractor seat is now on offer from a Norwegian firm.

The Songe range of hydraulic top links, imported by Grene, are said to be suitable for use with tractors both above and below 100hp, and can be supplied in different lengths.

For tractors up to 100hp, the Super 63 link comes in five versions.

The smallest has a 480-663mm (19-26in) range with a tilt of 183mm (7in), while the largest has a 680mm-1103mm (27in-44in) range and tilt of 423mm (17in). Pulling strength at 190kg/sq.m (39lb/sq.ft) is 4577kgs (10,000lb).

Pull on the 100hp+ Goliath 80 links rises to 6524kg (14,383lb). These models come with length range up to 1000mm (40in) and tilt to 320mm (13in).

Price of the Songe line-up starts at £155 (01302-738686).

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